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Tree Removal

Home owners and commercial property owners work hard to keep their property beautiful, healthy and safe. Trees and lush landscapes add value to their property, so tree removal is usually considered as a last option. Unfortunately, tree removal is necessary due to uncontrollable weather conditions that often cause damage by high winds, storms, and lightning.

Here are a few tips to look for regarding Tree Removal:

  • Tree that is too close to a structure and creates a safety hazard
  • Tree that has half or more that looks dead
  • Tree with major hollowing or rotting
  • Tree with fungus growing on its branches or trunk
  • Tree that is leaning more each year

Trees provide a very important part of the beauty of our properties and add great value including shade that can decrease our cost to of electricity. At Eddie’s Tree Service taking care of your trees is our only priority.


Stump grinding is today’s the most cost effective and efficient way to remove an unsightly stump from your property. The stump grinding machine turns the stump into sawdust and is discarded below the grade of the property. Once removed grass can grow over where the stump once was as if was never there. Most of our clients use our stump grinding service when they have to remove a tree from their property. Eliminating stumps provides additional areas for planting or landscaping but also will reduce the possibility of insects. Eddie’s Tree Service provides safe and affordable stump grinding.

Tree removal and stump grinding by Eddie’s Tree Service can make your property a safer and more beautiful home. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to assist you – give us a call today at 281-242-8559!

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